Little friend, where have you been?
Have you wandered off so you’ll never be seen?
I’ve searched high and low, far and near
But I have failed to find you, my little dear

I didn’t give up, yes it is true
I’ve come again to look for you
You’re my friend and a sister, maybe
But it seems you have forgotten me

Once, twice and maybe more than three
My words and careless actions have hurt thee
I’ve come like a knife into your little heart
Forgive me for I didn’t know what I was supposed to be

Those pretty eyes and lovely nose
And lips that remind me of red rose
My friend, I miss you, I terribly do
But I know you hate me, if only I can undo

My mistakes, my selfish deeds
That turned into some disastrous seeds
Problems that we sow, sorrows we reap
Troubles that became a great big heap

I was hoping and wishing for the brighter side
But then I realized, you were no longer by my side
All the good things won’t be good anymore
For your heart has already closed its door

Little friend, have you forgotten
our memories that once gave us glee?
Or have you buried them
like you did with me?

Yes, I am dead but only in your eyes
Maybe that’s the reason why you can’t hear my goodbyes
All I ever wish before I’m truly gone in your sight
Is for you to forgive me so we’d be alright

But you’re still hiding and I don’t know where
I only hope you’d hear my farewell
Though we may no longer be together
I hope you will still remember

Little friend, I know you’ve had enough
I’m sorry that our friendship was pretty rough
I’m sorry if I wasn’t always good to you
But please keep our memories so I’d still be a part of you

The human race has never been so silent, so dumbfounded by the realization that: This is it.

Adrenaline was pumping through his veins as they were running in pursue of shelter. There is no place to hide. Massive earthquakes caused the streets to crack through in devastating valleys.  The wave of waters coming like a hand grabs everything on the land from the east, outdoing the great flood during Noah’s time.  Mother Nature appears to be blaring ‘Nobody will live, everybody shall die’ as she avenges the humankind with her fury and wrath. People are running like ants, with no knowledge of where to go. Is this hell? They ask but only death assured them of reality. 

They are running towards no explicit location – it doesn’t matter now. No other place is refuge. But still, they must try to escape from these monstrous catastrophes. “Hold on to me, sis.” Viktor comfortingly tells Rosie, his six year old sister. Her eyes filled with tears; face so pale showing how much fright and terror she feels. She holds on tighter to her brother’s hand as they both run in despair. 

Blood, fire, horror and chaos; the end is imminent and nothing has ever seemed so pointless. The inferno is impossible to put out and the destruction earthquakes brought were irreparable. Suddenly, more of the unpredicted hazard appear in the dark gloomy sky. Balls of fire fall to the land, adding more intensity to the earth’s fever. The rioting began today. Those, terrified of death, terrified of their being nothing tomorrow have begun stealing, killing, fighting… for what? The world has gone insane.

Rosie and her big brother stay still behind a huge rock for security. From their position, they see an old woman stumbling as the debris of the falling building buried her left leg. “Help! Please, help me!” cries the old woman. “She needs help, Rosie. I’m coming to get her.” says Viktor as he touches his sister’s bruised cheek. “Don’t leave me here, Kuya. Please don’t” Rosie’s eyes are filled with tears. “It won’t take long.” He replies. “Ahhh, help me! Help!” the cry of the old woman in pain echoed through Viktor’s ears.  “I’m coming back soon, I promise. Just stay here and keep safe, okay?” he kisses his sister’s forehead, gave her a hug and went to where the old woman is. 

Viktor carefully removes the gravels and stones that cover the woman’s bottom. The woman flinches as he takes away every piece. “May the Lord bless your good soul, young man.” whispered the old woman as she tried to get up. “Thank you Ma’am. “ he replied as he support the woman to rise. Just then, Viktor was in great disbelief when he looked towards the place where he left his sister. 

“Rosie! Look out!” he shrieked as he run to his sister. Rosie turns around and a flaming car is arriving to her location from the sky, preparing to kill her in less than a minute. “ROSIE! ROSIE!” running faster and faster to save his sister life, he was praying to God to keep her alive. She cried a scream but it was suspended by a big crash! “NOOOOO!” he bawled as tears came running from his eyes. 

He was too late. The car had strike his sister’s tiny body. His soul melted as he looks at the blazing fire that killed his sister. He hated himself for leaving his sister behind. He hated himself. Viktor became more and more hopeless for his survival. He run onto the long road that didn’t seem to end, but wait – the road has an end! And it was not just any end; it was a cliff, waiting for him to fall into its trap. It was too late for Viktor to stop. He has no longer control of his body. His feet didn’t hesitate to stop from moving until he fell from the high point.

The worst of his nightmares began to flash back into his mind. The scene of his sister’s death recaps into his mind as he too meets his own. He tried to let go his loudest scream but no voice comes out of his mouth.  He was falling deeper and deeper. He can see everything zooming out of his sight; the world in complete disorder. And right before his body could even crash into pieces; He wakes up. 

He opened his eyes and realized that everything was all just a delusion in his sleep. None of what had happened was real. “Thank God, it was just a nightmare.” He sighs in relief. Viktor stands up from his bed and looks for his sister in their house. “Rosie! … Rosie!” he calls for his sister. “Rosiieee! Where are you?” He heard no reply, nobody was there. He immediately went back to his room and checked the date on his calendar. He sobs in misery as he reads the year “0001”.

Out in the woods
I wish to be alone
where no one 
knows of the person
I was before
My identity 
is still unknown
A complete mystery
that one must solve
Even to myself 
I am left confused
in search of the soul
of what I call
my own
Out in the woods
where they hid
my mind, I must
go and be alive